Cardfight Vanguard

CardFight!! Vanguard is the collectable (and addictive!) card game where you become a Vanguard, charged with leading your units to victory against fierce opponents.


Planet_CrayBased off the popular Japanese anime the game requires skill, strategy and sometimes just a little bit of luck.

The rules for card fighting can be learned easily, so if you are a beginner, don’t worry – you will pick up the game very quickly! Plus the more you watch the anime the quicker you’ll be on your way to being a formidable cardfighter!

Want to learn how to play for free? Click here to find stores near you that have regular lessons.


There are a large number of officially sanctioned events throughout the year that allow players to compete at a local, national and even international level.

Some players play in small, friendly matches as a way to hang out with their friends and to meet new and like-mind cardfight fans who share their love of the game. Others compete in tournaments with the ambition of taking out national, regional and even world regional championship titles. Check out the events schedule for all upcoming official events near you.



The Community section is your ultimate fan forum. Connect with fellow cardfighters and share, discuss and debate all this CardFight!! Vanguard.

Welcome to the cardfighting family, if you’re new you will find friendly people here to help you learn. If you fancy yourself as the next CardFight!! Vanguard champion then bring it on!

May the strongest, most honourable cardfighter be victorious!