Chrono Shindou

Chrono Shindou is the protagonist of the story.

A secondary student with a strong spirit of self-reliance and a desire for self-independence, his sharp gaze and brusque manner make him easily misunderstood. Many find Chrono hard to approach and make him hard to approach for his classmate, but deep down he is actually very straightforward and kind.

It is Chrono’s first encounter with Vanguard that changes his destiny forever.

As a cardfighter he possess above average luck and he is able to pull off feats on his very first try. Many have suggested that it is not just luck on Chrono’s side but instead his strong will and imagination (which is a valuable skill to a card fighter to have) is changing fate to be in his favour.

Shion Kiba

Shino Kiba is basically the opposite to Chrono with his friendly nature and selfless acts. Shino Kiba is the heir to his family fortune but does all he can to make sure his wealth does not go to his head.

With his good looks, graceful manner and sociable personality, Shino Kiba is classed as one of the cool kids at school.

Born and raised in a famous fencing family, he has not been spoiled by his affluent upbringing, and knows to always put in effort with everything he does, which includes cardfighting.

His ability in Vanguard is acknowledged by those around him, but even though he keeps a cool expression when clashing with opponents, Shion definitely hates to lose.


Tokoha Anjou

Tokoha is a level headed, high achieving student. She is very head strong and always believes in doing the right thing, a trait that often puts her at odds with her fellow cardfighters.

Being the sister of the prominent cardfighter Mamoru Anjou, Tokoha has amassed a vast knowledge of Vanguard and enjoys teaching and explaining the rules of Vanguard to help others. Herself a very skilful player, Tokoha initially struggles to come out from behind her brothers shadow and fights with both herself and others to prove that she is just as worthy an opponent as her older brother.

Tokoha loves to help people, and is very good at giving lectures to new fighters that are easy to understand, helping pave the way for young cardfighters to become skilled opponents.

Kamui Katsuragi

Described as a youngster with a big mouth, Kamui Katsuragi thankfully backs up his smart mouth with impressive playing skills. It is Kamui that first breaks through Chrono’s tough exterior with his constant and often annoying and overwhelming enthusiasm and energy to become a vital mentor to Chrono in the early stages of his Vanguard journey.

Kamui is an ambitious cardfighter who isn’t scared to take on fighters that are older and bigger than him, which is lucky as with his small size it is very rare that he faces an opponent that does tower over him.


Misaki Tokura

Having witnessed the tragic death of her parents at a young age, Misaki Tokura is left with an incredibly vivid and accurate memory. This vivid memory which Misaki often finds is a curse also finds her having the unique ability of being a talented card fighter, even though she had never regularly played the game before.

Shinemon Nitta

Known as Shin to his friends, Shin Nitta is Misaki’s uncle and the manager of Card Capital. Shin acts as a coach and a mentor to many who file through the Card Capital doors and wish to learn how to card fight. He uses his skill and knowledge of cardfighting to help his niece deal with her past and overcome her fears.