G-BT10 blau

Hello Vanguard Fighters,

Today, I will be introducing another Nova Grappler build, which revolves around “Blau” and this build is no doubt way more aggressive than Victor. Yup! You heard me, MORE AGRRESSIVE THAN VICTOR!!!!

So, how does the deck work and what are the core combos that make this deck so aggressive? There are 2 combos in this deck, one during your early stage before riding into Grade 3 and the other one will be on your very 1st stride.  Of course, you will want to go first if you wish to pull this combo perfectly, and I will explain why you would wanna go first instead of second.

Alright, Rush Combo No.1, this happens during the turn when you ride into Grade 2. During this turn, you would have at least 1 – 2 damage and what you do is to ride into Blaukruger, then call 2 Mars Blaukluger on both left and right. Attack with both of your Mars Blaukluger, then boost your Vanguard with the Grade 0 Forerunner to hit your opponent for 14000 power. At this moment, your opponent will have to consider either a 10000 shield to risk a trigger or a 15000 shield for a complete guard. If they don’t guard, you will have another two 14000 power unit coming right in their face.

You can also repeat the same thing again during the turn you ride into Grade 3. 😀

EB08-014EN-R    EB08-006EN-RR

NOW for the 2nd combo, this combo will require up to 5 Counter Blast to deliver a fatal blow to your opponent; therefore, feel free to take all the damage during your opponent’s turn or use Red Lightning and Meteokaiser, Unior to Counter Charge. Alright, here it goes:

First, you must have Mond Blaukluger as your VG, then stride into Sonne Blaukluger. Call two Extreme Battler, Sazanda  and Final Wrench  on both sides. Attack with both RG first then with Sonne Blaukluger. Sonne’s ability will trigger upon attack declaration, which allows you to search for a ‘Blau’ Grade 3 unit from your deck and put it into your hand (Search for Galaxy Blaukluger) . At the end of that battle and if you have LB5, you can ride Galaxy Blaukluger on top of Mond Blaukluger, which will trigger Mond’s break ride skill giving your VG the ability to re-stand all RG upon attack declaration and an additional 10000 power. Further, Galaxy Blaukluger has the re-stand ability for itself when it hits opponent’s VG. This means you will be able to hit up to 9 attacks, drive check up to 7 times and each time your RG stands, they get more and more powerful. 😀

EB08-003EN-RRR   G-BT10-020   EB08-002EN-RRR

You technically can OTK you opponent. ~~~~

So yea, hope you enjoy this build and let us know if you have any suggestion in the comment. 😀

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