[DECK TECH] – “Brutal Butler”

[DECK TECH] – “Brutal Butler”



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It has been a busy week for me, just finished week 12. I’m tired, assignments due and I’m poor. But, do you know what doesn’t require a large sum of money? VANGUARD! You might be thinking, “Vanguard is expensive, have you seen the price of a Luard deck?!” Rest assure my children, I have a deck that some budget players used during late legion and early stride Meta, and it only cost them $5. It is no joke and no strings attached, this is the “Brutal Butler” Nova Grappler Deck.

EB01-019EN-C     EB08-010EN-R


So, let’s break down the main concept of the deck, a lot of fans of the anime might know a card called Brutal Jack. This card has the continuous ability Restraint, which doesn’t allow this unit to attack in vanguard or rear-guard circles. However, you can counter-blast (1) to remove Restraint until end of turn, so you can attack. Also, when this unit is boosted it gets +5000 power until end of turn. Putting a standard 7k grade 1 behind “Brutal Jack” will make it hit the magic number 21k. Additionally, we are running 4 Cat Butlers and it has a pressuring ability.

[AUTO](RC):[Retire this unit] At the beginning of the close step of the battle that your vanguard attacked, if the attack did not hit during that battle, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your grade 2 or less «Nova Grappler» vanguards, and [Stand] it.

With a deck that runs 16 crits, it is quite pressuring play to make. Because, if your opponent guards and it does not hit and you check a critical trigger, you can re-stand and attack with +crit. If the attack goes through, you might also check a critical. Also, if you have multiple Cat Butlers on your field and your opponent is at 4-5 damage they are within the kill range. Making this a very strong play early game, especially if you go first and your opponent is grade 1, you can rush and really deal some serious punishment. In case you don’t get Brutal Jack, we have secondary grade 2 rides such as Cup Bowler, which gets +1000 power for every rested rear-guard, as well as 10k vanillas.

(Keep in mind, if you don’t finish off your opponent first, you will most likely not survive very long as well, because the main purpose of this deck is to finish opponent before they are in grade 3.)

EB08-020EN-C     EB08-023EN-C

You might be thinking, counter-blast (1) every time you want to attack is a waste of counter-blast, and you are right. This is why we are running 14 counter-chargers in this deck to compensate for this counter-blast hungry deck. Most of them are Humpty Dumpty and Clay-doll Mechanic, they are on play counter-chargers, which you can use to make columns and attack as well.

I hope you guys enjoy this deck, for me this was a real blast from the past and completely forgot about this deck. Anyways, good luck with assignments and exams! See you next time.

Author: Eric Tan

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