[DECK TECH] – “Minetter-and-the-Musical-Animals”

[DECK TECH] – “Minetter-and-the-Musical-Animals”



Hello Cardfighters!

It’s been ages. Sorry for the lack of deck recipes.  Been busy with final year of university, making preparations, assignments and whatnot. But, do you know what clan is busy with university? Great Nature! That is what we are going to go over today my students. Please stand up and greet your guest lecturers “Minette and the musical animals”.



Now you might have seen this grade 3 from way back in Fighters Collection 2014, this card is the initiator of the deck, Minette’s 2nd skill allows you to counter charge for each of your rear-guards that get retired during the end of your turn essentially, refunding their cost.

[AUTO](VC): During your end phase, when your rear-guard is put into your drop zone, choose a card from your damage zone, and turn it face up.


BT09-084EN-C    BT09-085EN-C     BT09-088EN-C

Now, let’s break down the main concept of the deck, if Minette is the fuse then the Musical Animals are the gunpowder. There are 3 members of the musical animal, Vocal Chicken the grade 3, Melodica Cat the grade 2 and Recorder Dog the grade 1. They each search for another member (usually one grade below, except for Recorder Dog), when they get retired during the end phase and calls them into a rear-guard circle. When they get retired during the end phase, and you have Trainee Sage, Minette as your grade 3 you can pay for the Musical Animals skills first, then proceed to counter charging, this essentially makes the cost of the Musical Animals skills free! (Conditions apply) When you de- stride, you can still counter charge, because de-striding takes place during the end phase, and you retire your units during the end phase as well, since they both resolve during the end phase, you can choose to resolve them in any order you’d like, therefore Trainee Sage, Minette’s 2nd skill becomes active and it can be resolved.

Your ultimate goal with this deck is to filter out all the Musical Animals from the deck, so you can trigger more. There are 12 Musical Animals in this deck. If you start filtering these cards out, hypothetically you should hit into more triggers.


BT13-101EN-C     G-RC01-028EN-RR     BT08-041EN-R     PR-0140EN

You can start filtering out the deck early game, even before you stride. Cards such as Telescope Rabbit your Starter Vanguard and the OGs Binoculus Tiger and Compass Lion will also help you retire the Musical Animals and filter out your deck. Be wary though, mass retiring and filtering out your deck during early game, will result in lack of counterblast. We also run 1 Magic Scientist, Tester Fox in deck, this is a Legion card that can be used for refilling the deck. If one of the rear-guards that were retired shares the same name as the Vanguard (either the legion or legion mate) you can draw a card, then put 2 card to the bottom of the deck in any order.

That’s the end of the lecture! Hope you guys enjoy this deck profile. It’s a really nice simple deck to teach about deck filtration and probability. See you guys next time!

Author: Eric Tan

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