Brand new Murakumo decklist has been updated!

With the recent release of Japanese G-BT10, Murakumo has finally received more and even powerful support.

Before we get into the actual deck combo and strategies, let’s talk a bit about the characteristic of Murakumo. The clan works pretty similar to Ryal Paladin, Gold Paladin and Neo Nectar as it allows you to search a unit and place it onto your RG at low cost; however, the unit will return to the bottom of the deck at the end of the turn, so is pretty much like a ninja. It’s also actually pretty good against clans that board wipe or retire units. Further, the clan also has an exclusive ability, “Shadowstitch” which will be triggered if the opponent decides to guard an attack.


What are the key cards in your main deck?

Starting Vanguard – Stealth Demon of Crow Feathers, Fugen

This card is one of the best Forerunner in Cardfight Vanguard. First of all, it solves the problem of not having any booster for your attackers, as it can jump to another open RG to boost another RG if the previously boosted unit did not hit. Second of all, the 2nd activate ability allows you to return any normal unit including “Perfect Guard” back to your deck.


Stealth Rogue of Concealment, Tanba


This new Grade 1 support is the important piece of many Murakumo combos and strategies. It allows you to return any normal unit back to the bottom of your deck and it get 3000 power till the end of the turn.


Stealth Dragon, Onibayashi


One of the best pressure card in Murakumo, especially if you have multiple copies on the field. This card can contribute to the soul of your Vanguard, Counter Charge and draw a card. Further, once is being used as the cost of Soulblast, you can recycle it back to the deck by “Stealth Demon of Crow Feathers, Fugen” or “Stealth Rogue of Concealment, Tanba”.



Stealth Dragon, Yashabayashi


A must unit in Murakumo decks, not only it can hit key numbers such as 11000 power, it can also give additional power to other Grade 2 or Grade 1 units to hit the key number. Further, it can do more such as Counter Charge and even attack from the back row. There are so many ways that this card can be used to apply pressure to your opponent.


Stealth Rogue of Envy, Ikyuu


Ikyuu is definitely one of the best addition to Murakumo. This grade 2 unit allows you to choose gives 2000 power to any unit and that unit can attack from the back row.


What sort of combos and strategies that you can pull?

Scenario 1:

G-BT10-008   G-BT10-018   g-tcb02-028en-r

In your very first stride, you will definitely want to stride into Yasuie Gouma. Reason being that you won’t need to call any units and still being able to hit pretty decent numbers. This is how it works:

  1. Stride into Gouma, trigger the “Heart” ability to copy itself.
  2. Activate Gouma’s ability, flip a copy of itself up at the G-Zone, then call up to 2 copies of itself onto the RG. (You will only be able to call 1 during first stride)
  3.  Now you have 3 lines of damage source and can start attacking it with Fugen boosted. If the attack didn’t hit, Fugen can move to the next empty RG and boost it again.


Scenario 2:

G-TCB02-001EN-GR  G-BT10-018

In your 2nd stride, you now have the option to stride into Yasuie Gouma or Shibarakku Buster. Shibarakku Buster is also a powerful alternative because you will have 3 lines of attacking unit and one of them can perform drive check. How cool is that yea 😀 . So this is how you do:

  1. After stride, activate the “Heart” ability by copying itself to call another Yasuie on to the RG.
  2. Activate Shibarakku Buster’s ability to copy either itself (After inheriting the Heart’s name) again or the RG.
  3. Now if you attack with the RG copied by the Vanguard first, it can perform drive check, and you can even twin drive if it’s a grade 3 unit. (If you hit a stand trigger, you can stand it and attack with it again)


Scenario 3 (FINISHER):

G-TCB02-004EN-RRR  G-TCB02-025EN-R  G-BT10-019  PR-0579  G-TCB02-052EN-C  g-tcb02-028en-r

This is one of the best and my favourite combos so far because it allows you to hit at least 10 attacks in a turn easily. How do you do that? Stride into Tenma and if you have either Yashabayashi or Ikyuu in your hand then you don’t have to copy anything. Then, save all your Stealth Beast, Cat Devil and put it into the Vanguard’s soul. Give the additional 3000 power to Fugen. Now let the loop begins

  1. Attack with Ikyuu boosted by Fugen(Your Fugen should be HUGE!). If it didn’t hit, you can either given Fugen the 2000 power so that it can hit harder later ot Tanba so that it can hit from the back row.
  2. Both Yasuie Tenma and Tanba’s activate ability will also be activated, but you can first trigger Tenma’s ability to call another Ikyuu out and replace the rested Ikyuu, then you can send that Ikyuu back to the deck from the drop zone. Further Tanba gets 3000 power till the end of the turn.
  3. Also, Fugen’s ability will be trigger as well and you can move it to the back of Yashabayashi and repeat the same thing. Yashabayashi can also give Fugen additional 2000 power and counter counter if it didnt hit.
  4. As long you have enough soul and counterblast, you will be able to continue this consecutive attack with Fugen getting more and more power.


There are actually other stride units that can be used on the deck, which of course will change the structure of the deck.

Hope you like the deck and if you have any suggestion feel free to drop a comment below 😀

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