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Wassup Guys!

Today, I will be sharing something very interesting with you, my brand new Nova Grappler deck! I have been testing different Nova Grappler build and I personally like this since not only will my Vanguard but also my Rearguard will be able to apply strong pressure to my opponent.

The idea of the deck is to play around the new awesome stride unit, Favorite Champ, Victor and I have ended my opponent from 3 dmg in a couple of games before even though I do not run any Critical Triggers.

So, how does the deck work and what are the key cards in this deck? The main combo of the deck is to pair Babyface Narcissus and Master Kungfu. Master Kungfu allows any of your Rearguard to stand and +5000 power until the end of the turn after obtaining the “Rush” ability and when its attack hits. Furthermore, this ability can be used more than once per turn. The Counter Blast may seem a bit too much; therefore, Babyface Narcissus would be a really good choice to pair with Master Kungfu. ONE IMPORTANT thing to remember is that their ability can actually stack too, which means if Master Kungfu was re-stand twice this turn, he would have obtained twice of the re-stand ability and stand 2 Rearguards by paying 2 Counter Blast. Same goes to Babyface Narcissus, this means you will never have issues with Counter Blast.

G-BT06-068EN-C       G-BT06-069EN-C


As for boosters, you cannot miss out Extreme Battler, Malyaki. He is the key to making sure your attack goes through by pumping up your Rearguards. If Malyaki doesn’t come to you, Furious Puncher can also be a pretty decent substitute. You may choose a unit +5000 power when this card re-stand.

G-BT06-032EN-R        G-BT10-094


Now, let’s talk about Triggers line up. 8 draws, 4 stands and 4 heal. Why 8 draws? This deck highly revolves around Favourite Champion Victor and hopefully to end your opponent during 2nd stride with him.  Therefore, after your 1st stride with Meteokaiser, Victor, depending what’s in your hand, you can take all the damage which hopefully you will hit 1 or 2 draw triggers in your damage zone. Draw trigger also allows you to draw important pieces such as a heal trigger so that you can activate the G-Guardian to enable Favourite Champion Victor’s ability on your 2nd stride. As for the stand trigger, the main purpose is to put it on the field to boost a unit and re-stand a unit at the end of the attack.

Once you have gotten all the pieces and met the requirement (Having 3 face-up cards in your G-Zone), it’s time to end your opponent with “Unlimited Stand Works”.

Hope you enjoy the deck, and let me know what kind of deck do you wish to see in the future by commenting below. 😀


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