NUBATAMA!! The clan that is known for it’s hand size control and “Afterimage” ability.

In Cardfight!! Vanguard, anything that is capable to interfere or disrupt cards from a player’s hand is no doubt devastating and could probably be considered overpowered. WHY? It basically means the unit doesn’t even get a chance to jump into the field to activate it’s ability. It also means that the player is losing a resource to block damage as well.

No further ado, let us get into the deck and discuss a couple of key cards and strategies.

1. Early Game Rush!

That’s right! Nubatama is definitely one of the best clan to rush your opponent before going into Grade 3 thanks to it’s “Afterimage” ability. What’s “Afterimage”? It’s an ability that allows your unit to return to your hand at the beginning of your end phase, if you have 6 cards or less in your hand and there’s a card return to your opponent’s hand from the bind zone. So, this is how you can do in turn 2:

  1. Ride Tamahagane as VG, then call two Nibikatabira. You could also call Dreadmaster to boost your unit for a guaranteed hit and potentially discard a card from their hand. You can also repeat this strategy if you ride into Grade 3 and you opponent is still on Grade 2.

G-TCB01-010EN-RR       BT13-024EN-R     BT01-069EN C

2. Finish up Your Opponent!

When your opponent is on their 5 th, 4th damage or even 3rd damage, stride into Tsukumorakan. At this point, you will have both Tsukumorakan and Shiranui’s stride skill waiting to be resolved. Resolve Tsukumorakan’s ability by limiting your opponent’s hand size down to 4 cards first, then resolve Shiranui’s ability to discard one more card and bind one of their interceptors. This make then down to only 3 cards + 1 interceptor. You could also play one Fuuki to force you opponent to discard one more card (Or even anouther Tamahagane to bind the other interceptor), then attack with Miyabi to reduce one more card.

This whole combo will cost you just nice 5 Counter Blast, and will leave your opponent 1 card in hand. It’s pretty much GG since the deck runs 12 critical triggers. However, you will have to manage your counter blast really well to deliver this final blow.

G-TCB01-001EN-GR   G-TCB01-005EN-RRR   G-TCB01-011EN-RR   BT13-053EN-C (Sample)


Why these card instead?


First of all, it’s a 11000 power unit with “Afterimage” and it can give additional 3000 power to any unit in order to hit certain key number. Worst case if you have ride this unit, it still has a VG ability to potentially get a free unit on to the battlefield.


One of the best Forerunner, it has the ability to allow you to counter change by sending a card from you opponent’s bind zone to drop zone. Further, it has Afterimage which means you can have more Counter Blast to use. However, this can be a double edge sword for the deck; therefore, make sure your opponent has at least 2 cards in bind zone before activating it’s ability.


Well, that’s basically the gist of the deck.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions/suggestion about the deck, and stay tuned for more Deck Tech. 🙂