Hey guys, how’s it going?

Today, we would like to introduce you a Nubatama build featuring the brand new unit, Shiranui Zanki. In this article, we will be looking a number of strategies in this deck and how each card interacts with each and another in various situation.

Let’s get started!

First, let’s talk abit about Nubatama. The clan allows you to use your opponent’s unit to perform multiple attacks to their VG or RG during your turn, which makes it very good against Link Joker and Megacolony. Further, it also has the ability to mess with the number of cards in your opponent’s hand.

G-BT14-011EN-RRR   G-BT14-081EN-C


So, the deck revolves around Zanki, which means you must ride him as your VG at all cost. In nowadays, many players would want to get the 1st stride; however, you don’t necessarily need to fight for the 1st stride. If your opponent is planning that G2 game with you, just ride into Zanki. Then, you will be able to trigger Burai‘s ability allowing you to draw a card and choose one unit from your opponent’s dropzone and call it to the field (It gets retired at the end of turn). Afterthat, trigger’s Zanki’s Dominate ability to attack opponent’s VG or their starter. 😉


Zanki + Rinne is brutal? Hell Ya!


At the beginning of your ride phase, Zanki’s ability allows you to draw a card and force you and your opponent to put a card on the field with no Enter Ability being able to trigger (That’s 1 card gone). When you stride, you can dominate one of their RG to attack and if they guard, that’s another card gone. Then, if you activate Rinne’s ability, that’s another two cards gone from hand. In one turn, at least 4 cards have already gone before you even initiate battle phase. Further, if you have used a G-Guardian during the previous turn, all your dominated unit will gain 10000 power and an extra crit as well. How is this not brutal?


Who are your beaters?

G-BT12-016EN-RR   G-BT14-078EN-C

Metsu has the potential to be 19000 power every turn & with the help of the Onibidoushi and Noroi, it can surpass the magic number 21000 power. As for Ayagiri, this beauty can potentially reach 22000 after triggering Zanki and Rinne’s dominate ability. We are only running 2 of it as a backup beater.


Is there any draw power in this deck?

Yes, definitely! We all know that Metsu is one of the best draw engines when it combos with Meimoudanuki, allowing you to CHOOSE any facedown card from bindzone to hand; however, that’s not all. G-BT14 has introduced two new units, Sadatsugu and Mistrog. Sadatsugu allows you to draw and control your opponent’s board by retiring them. For example, you can dominate a RG to attack another RG, then retire that attacking RG, which means you have burnt two cards from your opponent and drawn one. That’s 3 cards difference!

As for Mistfrog, it’s also a 6000 power to any of your dominated unit that couldn’t hit the target. It works really well if you 1st stride into Rinne without GB3.

G-BT14-042EN-R   G-BT14-080EN-C   G-BT14-023EN-RR


Are soul and counterblast an issue in this deck?

The deck is no doubt counterblast heavy. Therefore, you have the Kurenai (Perfect Guard)  and Torasada for countercharge. Also, the new heal trigger can help you as well.


As for soul, you definitely need not to worry. There are so many ways to soul charge in this deck. (e.g Torasada, Noroi, Mistrog, Meimoudanuki and etc )


OH, one more! Why the 10000 power G2?

Nowadays, more and more players love to rush during G2 to trigger certain on hit ability. With the help of extra 1000 power, this will prevent the opponent from rushing you in the early game.


What’s the purpose of other stride units?

G-BT11-017EN-RR    G-BT12-002EN-GR     G-BT14-Re03EN     G-BT14-SR02EN-SCR

Magentenbu can be your 1st stride option if you just wanna to get rid of certain annoying RG, such as Commander Laurel.

Mukuro can help you to gain back more cards (Drive Check 5 times in a turn) and board wipes your opponent’s field.

Tsukumorakan can be very useful when your opponent has a massive hand size. It reduces your opponent’s handsize down to 4 during the turn.

Drachma the ultimate stride! It has the character of Nubamata by forcing your opponent to discard and re-ride. It’s a good way to prevent being ultimate stride by an opponent or a potential method to counter Chronovisor Heirtage.

Well guys, there are also other variations for Nubatama as well. I hope you enjoyed this build and till next time. 🙂