The idea for the deck is fairly simple. It is to ensure your Vanguard can attack twice per turn, apply as much early damage as possible or even early game field control.

Here are several tactics to do so:

  1. Playing Wily Revenger Mana in early game, such as during your Grade 2 Vanguard can be devastating as it either forces your opponent to waste resources to guard in early game or to take those cheap damage. Furthermore, it kinda helps you thin down your deck just a bit or reshuffle your deck if you have been drawing bunch of triggers before. Mana can also be useful to fetch out Grade 1 such as the “LB removal”, Aife or Maur to search out another copy of Raging Form Dragon to guarantee you can re-stand your Vanguard.
  2. What if your opponent is being very aggressive in early game? Blaster Dark Revenger and Abyss will do the job by retiring either their back row supporters or front row attackers.


Why use “Judgebau Revenger” as starting Vanguard?

Well, the starting Vanguard isn’t too much of an issue if you ride Raging Form Dragon because it will most probably be sacrificed. However, if you ride Phantom Blaster Abyss first, then you will be able to take advantage of Judgebau’s ability.


Trigger Option?

It’s pretty generic 8 Criticals, 4 Draws and 4 Heals. As long they have “Revenger” in their name because you might need to use triggers as the sacrificing cost  to re-stand your Vanguard (Wished they had another Revenger Draw Trigger)


Stride Zone?

The Stride is not too important, but Dark Dragon Phantom Blaster “Diablo” can be an useful alternative finisher. For G-Guardian, Plotmaker Dragon is definitely a great addition to Shadow Paladin and of course to this deck. Getting the “Ritual” ability is an easy task since you will be sacrificing quite a number of cards.


* If you have any other suggestions to the build, feel free to comment below 😀

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