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IN CardFight!! Vanguard, you play as a Vanguard. This is the avatar that you use to ride to victory. By leveling up your vanguard, it will become more and more powerful.

YOU will construct a deck (think of your deck as your army) from your card collection, and use this army to fight your opponent.

EACH character displayed on individual cards are your units. Your units possess different features, giving your games play different strengths and allowing you to process a range of different Power Levels, Shield Values, Critical Values or Skills.

ONCE you start playing CardFight!! Vanguard you will quickly learn how to use these different features to your advantage. You must use your judgment and grow the overall strength of your units so they can reach their full potential and assist you to inflict more damage on your opponent than what you absorb.

THIS makes every game of CardFight!! Vanguard an exciting, challenging and often unpredictable battle!

YOU will become the victor when you inflict six levels of damage to your opponent. Or if you outwit and outplay you opponent and they have used up all their units trying to beat you.

THERE a few key things you’ll need to know about CardFight!! Vanguard, but don’t worry, we have listed everything here for you!

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Hope you are not lost. Let the games begin!

The Unbreakable Rules!

Whilst people say rules are made to be broken, these 4 rules in CardFight!! Vanguard can definitely not be!
1 – Your playing deck must contain exactly 50 cards.
2 – The maximum number of cards of the same name in a playing deck is 4.
3 – You must have exactly 16 Trigger Unit types in your playing deck.
4 – You must have no more than 4 total Heal Trigger Unit types in your playing deck, regardless of

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