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Outplayed (Episode 7): Bermuda Triangle vs. Gear Chronicle in Cardfight! Vanguard

We welcome to new players in this episode! How will they fair in combat?

Bermuda Triangles VS. Gear Chronicles! Who popular clans in the competitive format, but which one will be superior?

Outplayed (Episode 5): Dimensional Police vs. Dark Irregulars in Cardfight! Vanguard

Today we hail the return of Nephonix to the stage of Outplayed, his opponent an old friend from our old channel. How will he fair without his beloved Royal Paladins by his side?

Outplayed (Episode 4): Shadow Paladin vs. Tachikaze in Cardfight Vanguard

This episode we get Brooksii and Remmi, two good friends of ours from Tasmania to face off. What kind of game will they bring to the show?

Shadow Paladin’s “Diablo” VS. Tachikaze’s Gluttony Dogma! Both kill their own but which strategy will reign supreme!?!

Outplayed (Episode 3): Nubatama vs. Angel Feathers in Cardfight! Vanguard

Australian Bushiroad Head Judge, Kiddo a.k.a. William faces off against a Blizza enthusiast, Frank

Black Shiver, Gavrail VS. Shiranui Nubatama! One takes from hand while one takes from damage, yet which strategy is superior?

Outplayed (Episode 2): Pale Moon vs. Kagero in Cardfight Vanguard

Nekocard’s store clerk and former VGcaster Aya Kyunik faces off against one of the store regular Miki in this episode of Outplayed!

Dragonic Overlord the LEGEND VS. Harri Pale Moons! How will the soul focused deck fare against something aiming to wipe their board? Watch and see!!

Outplayed (Episode 1): Gold Paladins vs. Royal Paladins in Cardfight Vanguard

Former VGcasters members Odin and Nephonix face off in Vanguard in this episode of Outplayed!

Prominence Glare or Alfred, which Paladin clan is truly the greatest? Regardless of who wins remember, trigger strong and keep salt to a minimum!