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Cardfight Vanguard is a trading card game where you as a Cardfighter use the “Force of Imagination” to create a connection and project yourself as an astral being on a planet called Cray, leading your clan as a Vanguard towards victory as they fight.

The planet Cray resembles similar features as Earth but is divided and conquered by six different nations. Further, each nation consist of a variety of clan as they co-exist to defend the nation against any threat.

You as a Cardfighter will choose a clan and lead them as their Vanguard in the battlefield.

United Sanctuary (Nation)


“Once, there lived a king who stepped forward when the kingdom lay in peril. “

A relatively small nation which encompasses the largest number of clans: Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Angel Feather, Genesis, Gold Paladin, Shadow Paladin. Their themes revolve around knights, mythical beasts, divine beings, among others and are ruled by a monarchical government. Often wars break out with their neighbouring rivals, the Dragon Empire.

Dragon Empire (Nation)


“Continue to battle, until you collapse using all your strength…… Now, stand up again in the battlefield!”

The largest of all nations of Cray. Houses some of the most power and militaristic clans: Kagero, Nubatama, Murakumo, Tachikaze, Narukami. Their themes involve all things dragons, lizardmen, shamanistic tribes, beastly ninjas, cyber dinosaurs and more. Ruled via brute strength, they see justice brought through raw power.

Star Gate (Nation)


“The hero that has never known defeat, has finally become the deity of the ring.”

A remote land where the eccentric call home to test their strength and showmanship. The clans of Nova Grappler, Dimension Police, and Link Joker fall under this nation. This nation hosts all manner of units, from aliens, battleroids, and beasts, due to the fact that it also the grounds of the spaceport with inter-dimensional organisations.

Dark Zone (Nation)


“Bloodline is of no importance in the demon realm. You only need power.”

A nation with no clear leader, the clans within it all fight for their own mysterious and dark objectives. Dark Irregulars, Pale Moon, Spike Brothers, and Gear Chronicle reside within Dark Zone and feature various beings of the darkness. Expect demons, dragons, succubi, vampires, and more peculiarly the steampunk denizens of Gear Chronicle.

Magallanica (Nation)


“The blue storm which controlled the world has finally returned!”

The ocean is also the host of a variety of clans under the Megallanica nation. Aqua Force, Granblue, and Bermuda Triangle call this nation home. Their themes include a naval assault force to rule the waves, undead pirates and lost spirits who lurk the seas, and mermaid idols bringing joy to the world.

Zoo (Nation)


“Learn about the world and the world will be yours!”

The luscious ecosystem of the Zoo nation not only houses some of the most peaceful and intelligent lifeforms, but also some of the most twisted and criminal units. Neo Nectar, Megacolony, and Great Nature all reside within this nation. The range of species you will encounter are plant lifeforms, insectoids, and beastmen.

In this mini-course, you will learn everything there is to embark on your journey to become the best cardfighter in Australia or even the whole world.

Table of Content

Chapter 1How to win Cardfight Vanguard? 
How to read cards? 
Extra – Ride to Grade 3 Vanguard – Part 1
Chapter 2Knowing your battlefield
Preparing the game 
Extra – Ride to Grade 3 Vanguard – Part 
Chapter 3Flow of the Game
Stand & Draw Phase 
Ride Phase
Call Phase/Main Phase
Chapter 4General Flow of Attack Phase 
It’s time to attack!! 
Guarding the attack 
Drive Check!! 
Extras – Triggers
Extras – Grade 3 “Twin Drive Checks”
Chapter 5Battle/ Damage Resolve
Additional Mechanics #1 – Counter–Blast
Additional Mechanics #2 – Counter-Charge
Additional Mechanics #3 – Soul-Blast
Additional Mechanics #4 – Soul-Charge
Additional Mechanics #5 – AUTO Ability
Additional Mechanics #6 – CONT Ability

Are you ready? Let’s begin!!