1. During your Ride Phase, can you ride a Grade 3 unit on your Grade 0 Vanguard?
No, you can only ride a grade higher, which in this case will be a Grade 1.
2. How many times can you ride in a Ride Phase?
Once per turn.
3. Can you move your Rear Guard from the right column to the left column?
No, you cannot. Only the front and back row on the same column.

In this chapter, you will learn

  1. General Flow of Attack PhaseLearn how to deal damage.
  2. It’s time to attack!!Charge!!
  3. Guarding the attack You shall not pass…
  4. Drive Check!! Unleash the true power of your Vanguard.
  5. Extras – TriggersA single trigger can completely change your game.
  6. Extras – Grade 3 “Twin Drive Checks”Why it’s important to level up your Vanguard to Grade 3.
  7. QuizLet’s make sure you have the attack phase down pat.

1. General Flow of Attack Phase

Before we break down each step in detail, let’s have a look at the general flow of this phase.

Alright! Let’s break down each step.

2. It’s time to attack!! (Attack Step)

Attack Step is where you choose a unit to attack the opposing unit.

  1. Choose one of your standing units in the front row as the attacking unit for this battle, then rest it.
  2. Choose one of your opponent’s units in the front row to attack.
  3. Choose a unit with a “boost” icon in the same column as the attacking unit. Rest it to boost the attacking unit. (The power of the boosting unit is added to the power of the attacking unit.)

This is how those steps look like.

Boosting” is a great way to ensure your attacking unit surpasses the power of your opposing unit.

3. Guarding the attack!! (Guard Step)

This is when players call units at the Guardian circle to prevent an attack.

  • If your unit is being attacked, you may choose one or more cards from hand, and call it to the green guardian circle in rest position.
  • You may ALSO choose a rear-guard with the intercept icon from the front row that is not being attacked, and move it to the guardian circle as rest to guard too. (Your unit CANNOT intercept from the back row.)

[NOTE] Any rear-guard that’s on the battlefield cannot be moved to the guardian circle, unless it has the intercept icon and is at the front row.

* While the cards are in the guardian circle, the power of the attacked unit is increased by the total shield of units guarding it (if there is a unit without a printed shield, its original value will be regarded as 0 shield).

*The cards in the guardian circle will remain after the battle/damage has been resolved. (More will be explained later below.)

Let’s take a short break. Get a drink.

4. Vanguard Drive Check!!

( Skip this step if you are attacking with rear-guard.
This step only occurs when you are attacking with your Vanguard. )

After your opponent has completed their guard step, if you are attacking with your Vanguard, you will then perform a Drive Check. Here’s the sequence:

  1. Reveal the top card of your deck.
  2. If there’s a trigger icon, you may resolve the trigger effect and give the 10,000 power to any of your units to power up. The power can be given to the attacking Vanguard to break through your opponent’s defense or give it to a rear-guard that has yet to attack.
  3. Put the revealed card into your hand. That is how you gain more cards to guard during your opponent’s turn or calling more units to attack during your turn.

Before we end this chapter, here’s something extra.

5. Triggers

We have mentioned before that there are 4 types of triggers. They have a default effect powering any of your units during that turn.

However, they have another effect as well. Check out this quick video.

Alright, one more tip. 🙂

6. Another reason to level up to a Grade 3 Vanguard

Drive Check” can be performed when a Vanguard attacks. Normally, you only reveal one card from the top of your deck. However, a Grade 3 Vanguard allows you to perform “Drive Check” TWICE!!

Furthermore, some Grade 3 units have abilities that give you a TRIPLE Drive Check!! How crazy is that? 😀


Here are two questions to see how much you have learned in this chapter. (Answers will be at the top of Chapter 5)

  1. When attacking with your rear-guard, can you perform a Drive Check?
  2. I have a Grade 1 rear-guard at the back row. Can I use it to intercept and guard an attack?

If you have any other questions regarding this chapter, feel free to message us HERE.

See you in the final chapter.