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Release Date :
April 19th 2024
Featured Nations :
Dragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, Keter Sanctuary, Stoicheia and Lyrical Monasterio
Card Type :
Each Trial Deck contains 17 Card Types
Others :
1 Trial Deck contains: ・55 Cards ・2 Power-up PR cards ・1 Play Sheet ・1 First Guide ・1 Set of Fighter's Coin ・1 Pack of Sleeves (58 Pieces) 1 Display contains 6 Trial Decks ※All cards included in this product are printed with normal treatment. ※Among the included cards, only the Grade 3 Vanguard and Sentinel have abilities.

Each pre-constructed deck consists of 55 cards, with only 1 card type that has abilities, making these decks perfect for learning and teaching the basic rules of Vanguard!