Welcome to the CardFight!! Vanguard Beginner Guide, where you will discover everything you need to start your journey as a CardFighter. To make the learning process more enjoyable, we recommended that you find a friend to learn the game with. So,
without further delay, let’s jump right into a quick intro.

CardFight!! Vanguard is a Trading Card Game that takes place on a planet called “Cray,” which resembles Earth, and involves players battling each other. After 3000 years, Planet Cray has transitioned into a new era, known as the Chakrabarthi Divine Era. In this era, all the clans in the game have been split into five powerful nations: Keter Sanctuary, Dragon Empire, Dark States, Brandt Gate, and Stoicheia. With this, will Planet Cray finally be in peace or a new conflict is about to emerge? As a CardFighter, you will have to choose a Nation and lead them as its Vanguard.