Surrounded by the Forests and Seas, Successors of the Sage
A nation born from the fusion of the land of abundant nature, Zoo and the land of aquatic creatures and the immortal army, Magallanica under the teachings of the Great Sage, Stoicheia. A land where the world’s best minds gather within the verdant riches of nature represented by the sacred tree. Stoicheia’s national power has been on a sharp rise of late, due to its abundance of resources and the unity of its people.

Teachings of the Sage
After a long period of rumination, the Great Sage, Stoicheia left behind teachings that would connect Planet Cray‘s future and hope. Even after their death, their will has been inherited by the nation’s people.


Stoicheia is focused on the theme of “gathering strength from allies“. Stoicheia decks often either gain benefits from having a full field, use Vanguards that unlock abilities enabled by the use of rear-guards, or use Vanguards that instead prioritize empowering the rear-guards.

The Nation emphasizes superior calling from deck to quickly populate the field and enable their Vanguard’s abilities and has multiple means of calling rear-guards from the Drop Zone to recover lost allies and reuse their abilities. The use of Token Units also allows Stoicheia to gather more rear-guards while conserving hand advantage.

Stoicheia’s Ride Lines each make use of the Nation’s ability to quickly gather field presence in different ways:

  • The Sylvan Horned Beast series specialize in granting rear-guards the ability to attack from the back row to overwhelm the opponent with a large number of attacks. Because attacking from the back row means not being able to boost, they grant large amounts of power to the rear-guards so that the unboosted attacks can threaten the opponent.
  • The Zorga series makes use of the Alchemagic Keyword to emphasize the use of Order cards for a variety of purposes, this is done alongside a heavy use of superior calling from the Drop Zone to call more units that become more powerful if the player has used an Order.
  • The Flagburg and Maelstrom series share the theme of using a Vanguard that can perform powerful powerful abilities if the player has reached a certain amount of battles during the turn. They achieve this by using rear-guards that can attack multiple times. Supporting units in both series sometimes require the Vanguard to be in a standing position. Maelstrom additionally can support Tear Dragon units and cards that only belong to the Aqua Force clan.
  • The Rorowa series make use of Plant Tokens for quick field presence that can also be used as fodder to gain power and interact with the Glitter Keyword.
  • The Lianorn series is able to be boosted by multiple rear-guards and gains benefits for having a full back row of rear-guards to boost the Vanguard with.
  • The Granfia line features the ability to convert Plant Tokens into Plant Gauge to be used with the Noblesse Rose Token in order to gain power and additional attacks.

Known/Notable Fighters

  • Megumi Okura (Sylvan Horned Beast)
  • Masanori Iseki (Zorga)
  • Urara Haneyama (Lianorn)
  • Riku Kumatori (Flagburg)
  • Reno Akai (Granfia)
  • Gosetsu Katsuhika (Flagburg)
  • Rasen Ichidoji (Rorowa)