The Empire of Dragons, Unchanged After 3000 Years
The nation, in which the oldest race “Dragons” reside, was the only nation whose name remained unchanged after 3000 years. It remains safe and affluent due to its great military power based on destructive weapons that meld magic and science. On the sacred mountain at the centre of the empire, there lies the “Red Dawn Manor” which has been safeguarding the dragon egg of legends since ancient times.

Support by the Clans during the “Godless Era”
The “Godless Era”, in which the protection of the deities was lost from the world, was a period of change where the majority of the former six major nations disappeared from the map. However, even in that era the clans continued to support people’s activities, whether it be now or in the past their existence is the cornerstone of saving Cray from its destruction.


Dragon Empire’s primary theme is retiring the opponent’s rear-guards allowing the player to control the opponent’s field and gain benefits from retiring rear-guards, usually by activating effect when the opponent has a certain amount of empty circles. Additionally, Dragon Empire can use the Bind Zone, either to further retire more opposing rear-guards or to gather resources. Dragon Empire decks that use the Bind Zone frequently use it alongside the Soul. Each of the Nation’s Ride Lines features its own playstyle, alongside the focus on retiring:

  • The Nirvana ride lines is strongly centered around the overDress keyword, which allows the player to evolve weaker units into different forms that gain a variety of abilities when they are in the overDress state, such as power-ups, retire, card draw or re-standing, resulting in a powerful, versatile play style. To facilitate this, the supporting units search for the necessary cards in order to accelerate the process. Additionally, the Prayer Dragons allow the use of an alternative mechanic known as X-overDress.
  • The Eugene ride line makes use of soul in order to retire the opponent’s rear-guards, which generates a progressive advantage. The soul can also be used as a resource to generate a bigger advantage.
  • The Overlord ride line makes use of a vanguard that can attack twice in order to generate different forms of advantage.
  • The Bavsargra ride line makes use of Arms cards, which are armed to the vanguard in order to unlock different abilities.
  • The Tamayura ride line interacts with the Twin Direful Dolls, Ririmi, and Rarami, in order to generate multiple attacks, while also using Stealth units to support them. Her Fox Arts cards can be used to weaken the opponent’s units in power and to generate an advantage.
  • The Shojodoji ride line makes use of the soul to bind Stealth units in order to call them back and generate multiple attacks, while also binding the opponent’s units and putting them in the bottom of the deck before the opponent can recover them.
  • The Gandiva ride line retires the opponent’s rear-guards in order to bind cards face-down, which as a result will power up your front-row units.