The Solitary Holy Nation
Once known as the “United Sanctuary”, a sacred nation that valued justice and order. After the civil war and natural disasters, the land had become desolate, and so the descendants built the islands in the sky, “Ketergia” and created a new country. The nation was divided in two: The Heavenly Floating Islands where the ruling class live and the ground below where the people live whilst gazing above.

Border Restriction System and the Reduction of Territory
“Keter Sanctuary” had been founded after much turmoil. Although its territory had shrunk after the civil war and natural disasters, advanced technology was used to construct an island in the sky with the current public order in a stable state. With minimal interaction with the other nations, they forge their own path.


Keter Sanctuary inherited the versatility of the former nation, where each of its ride lines follows a very different playstyle:

  • The Cloud Knights emphasize the use of Grade 3 cards, rewarding the player for running a high amount of Grade 3s in the deck with effects that empower those Grade 3s and grant them additional abilities. To compensate for the lack of Shield in Grade 3s, the Cloud Knights also feature a large amount of draw power and in some instances allow Grade 3s to gain Shield value.
  • The Sorceress rideline revolve around manipulating the Drive Check, they rearrange the top of the deck to increase the player’s chances of drive-checking Triggers and have effects that activate when the player’s Drive reveals a Trigger.
  • The Blaster series has two focuses: The first one is on retiring your own rear-guards to retire your opponent’s rearguards. Rear-guards you retire have abilities to mitigate the cost of retirement or give you additional power to retire. The second one is having allies in the field or soul to power up or get more abilities.
  • The Thegrea rideline alternate between two different forms of Thegrea, each representing light and dark. Each form gains benefits from having the opposite one in the soul while featuring the ability to consider riding over the opposite version as a Persona Ride.
  • The Youthberk series focuses on the mechanic, Revoldress. The main focus of this deck is searching and milling your deck for a Revolform or a Persona Ride. It also somewhat focuses on superior calling rearguards from the deck.
  • Minerva and her allies get to focus on the soul and deck manipulation; allowing deck thinning by putting cards from the deck into the soul and look the top card of the deck to return or put in the soul, getting more chances to get a trigger; having more attacks by calling cards that are put in the drop by Soul Blast or Stand by effect, and having bonus if you have a unit with “Regalia” in the soul.
  • Gramgrace is a boss without an exclusive ride line but compensates with its skills to power up all the units by persona ride, and having a fourth attack from the back row.