The Land of Darkness that inherits the will of the Great Hero
A magical nation shrouded in everlasting darkness and ruled by demonkin. The former Dark Zone was once fractured into small kingdoms ruled by demon kings until it was reunited by the efforts of a single hero. With the “laws” brought about by Gear Chronicle and the cooperative relationship with Dragon Empire, Dark States entered a period of prosperity.

The demonkin, full of pleasure and decadence, loves a variety of entertainment. Among them, the sport “Gallows Bowl”, which is full of violence and excitement, still gets people heated up even after 3000 years.


Dark States is focused on using the Soul for multiple purposes, such as using effects that activate when the player reaches a certain amount of soul, or soul blasting a large amount of soul to use strong abilities. The nation uses a large amount of soul charge effects to build their soul and has means of recovering important cards that were sent to the soul.

Each of Dark States’ Ride Lines makes use of the soul in different ways:

  • The Diabolos team features the Final Rush keyword, which allows them to use stronger abilities if the player has the ability active at the start of their turn, also to reinforce the powerful assault, some cards get a power-up for the number of cards in the damage zone. Later, the Diabolos get a second keyword, Final Burst, that is active at the start of the battle phase, allowing more abilities and an explosive power-up.
  • The Baromagnes line unlocks multiple abilities for every 5 cards in the soul, for which they mass soul charge as quickly as possible.
  • The Desire Devils are devoted to powering up the Vanguard as much as possible through abilities that activate when sent to the soul, while the Vanguard attacks alone without rear-guards.
  • The Kheios line uses the Glitter Keyword to gather cards in the soul with different names.
  • The Drajeweled line aims to have cards in the soul with different grades to weaken the opponent’s Vanguard, also its followers can power up if you soul blast cards with different grades.
  • The Almajestar line sends Trigger units into the soul and gains benefits from Soulblasting said Triggers, specifically gaining benefits by binding the Critical Triggers that the player soul blasts.

Known/Notable Fighters

  • Danji Momoyama (Diabolos)
  • Shinobu Kajita (Greedon)
  • Katsuki Murayama (Baromagnes)
  • Yurina Nukata (Baromagnes)
  • Michiru Hazama (Drajeweled)
  • Kanji Meguro (Faverneel)
  • Masaru Kita (Baromagnes)
  • Tatsuki Bunkyo (Kheios)